Our Story

As the manufacturing arm of Solight Design, it is inevitable that we complement and expand on Alice Chun’s global vision in our own backyard with a focused presence.

Solight Asia is now centrally based in Singapore to address and reach out to the needs and demands of the region more effectively and efficiently, be they rural populations with no access to grid lighting or crisis communities cut off from grid lighting by earthquakes, hurricanes or other disasters.

In the 2014 Off Grid Lighting Report prepared by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) for the United Nations Environment Program, it was stated that “The total population of Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Philippines and Thailand is around 507 million, of which nearly 111 million (around 22 per cent) of the population do not have access to grid electricity”.

Cambodia alone with a population of 14.1 mil has 10.7 mil without grid lighting. Indonesia has 35% of its population without access to the grid but with a population of 240 mil, that translates to 85 mil people and an estimated 36 mil kerosene lamps in use.

Our goal is to mobilize our fellow Asians to stand up and address this need within our own neighboring countries – Let the SUN be in your hands.