Merlin Solarpuff (Pack of 20)

$ 0.00

Providing light in 6 beautiful colors. Merlin Solarpuff cycles through red, white, pink, green, blue and yellow colors.

Designed with sustainable and high-performance fabric - specifically engineered for durability, flexibility, water resistance and recyclability. 

Inspired by origami, Merlin Solarpuff can be popped open easily without the need of using mouth or pump to inflate.  

10 Bright LEDs
• 100 Lumens
Lithium-ion polymer battery.
8 hrs charge = 8-12 hrs of light
Floatable on water
Special light diffusing recyclable fabric
Flat packs to 0.25 inches and can fit in any back pocket.
4.3" inch cube when opened
1 year warranty on solar circuit


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